How to stay sane while your kids are home with you all summer {Part 5}


This one hit me hard today.  

When I’m drained, it’s hard to remember what fills me up.  Are you the same way? Sure, scrolling on our screens and eating junk food seem like “me time”, but they don’t really fill us up.  

summer sanity part 5.PNG

I came home from a day trip this afternoon mentally drained because we are trying to decide where we want to live.  I made something healthy to eat. Still drained and beginning to snap at my son and husband. Took my butt outside and stood in the sun.  Five minutes later, I felt human again. Changed into a swimsuit and laid in the sun for about 20 minutes, and now I’m back at work writing to you!

I heard Melissa Ambrossini say on the Goal Digger podcast last week that it’s good to have a list of things that fill you up posted on your refrigerator.   I think that’s an excellent idea. I’ve made that list many times in several different journals, and as much as I love my journals, sometimes you need to get that list out of the notebook and onto the frig!

This is the final part to the #summersanity series of How to Stay Sane While Your Kids are Home All Summer.  Selfcare is equally important to having fun with your kids. Parts 1 and 5 are like the book ends of a selection books that hold the key to you loving your summer.  If the house becomes a mess, if you order pizza every night, or if you never get into a routine, don’t sweat it! Just have fun making memories and take care of yourself!

What does self-care look like?  Is it all manicures and bubble baths?  Nope.

It’s getting fueled body, mind, and spirit.  It can include treating ourselves to a pedicure, which I desperately need by the way, but that’s not going to fill me up very deeply unless I go with a friend who is going to encourage me in my dreams while I am there.  

I suggest brainstorming in your journal about each of these parts of you and how you can fill them up to overflowing.  Just write mind, body, and spirit at the top of each page. After you have brainstormed, or searched on Pinterest, to fill up each page, start adding these things to your summer bucket list if it’s a one time event or your weekly schedule if it’s something you want to do more often.  You can do some things at the same time like listening to a book while taking a walk. I love working in my flower garden while listening to worship music.

Thank you so much for following along on this #summersanity series!  If you want some cheerleading, kick in the pants, and camaraderie, then join my 5 day challenge and private facebook group to get even more support in staying sane this summer!