How to choose the right planner

Choosing the right planner can feel overwhelming because it’s a 12 month commitment. We buy them to keep us organized, help us remember where to be and when to be there, and to get things done. We look for something that’s pretty, so we’re inspired to actually use it.

How to choose the.png

Back in 2015, I was determined to find the perfect planner. I spent hours looking at different brands online. However, I just couldn’t see spending $60 on a planner no matter how much I loved the cover. I had to know if the format would work for me before I parted with my money. So, I copied the format into a lined notebook.

Bujo 1.png

My first bullet journal

A Moleskine I bought at Target marked the beginning of my journey to planner peace.

I enjoyed that format for a few weeks, but it evolved into something else. I later learned that what I was doing was bullet journaling.

planner format.png
first bujo page.png

As you try out different formats, your own style will emerge, too. You might find a planner on the market that is just what you need, or you might enjoy continuing to just use a notebook.

first thanksgiving in bujo.png


I like how I can incorporate memory keeping right into my planner when I use a simple notebook.

Bujo 2.png


My second bullet journal consists of 2 Moleskines for one monoth whereas my first BUJO contained several months in one notebook. It’s SO flexible!

Even better: don’t choose. Use a planner and a notebook. That’s what I’m going to do for 2019. I’m going to use a Hobonichi Techo Cousin for all my planning and tasks while still using my bullet journal for everything else like taking notes, brain dumps, seasonal bucket lists, and monthly reviews.