How did I go from a single woman in my 30's to a wife & mom of 3 on the same day without losing my mind?

I don’t know about you, but when I spent my first summer at home with 3 kids, I needed a plan.  Thankfully, planning lights me up, but I have since discovered that it doesn’t come naturally to everyone.  If you need help planning out your summer, then this challenge is for you!

I’m so excited to let you know about an opportunity for us to connect every day for 5 days. Beginning Monday June 4, I will be hosting a 5 day challenge that is going to make this a summer you will love and never forget!

You don’t have to wing it and wonder where all the time went.  You also don’t have to cram every day with amazing outings for your kids to feel loved.  I am here to equip you with the tools and guidance you need to feel calm and excited to have all day with your kids.

So come on over and join the facebook group where I will be popping in everyday for 5 days to be your cheerleader, kick-in-the-pants, and equipper.  I’ve got you boo!


I get overwhelmed by Pinterest and it’s endless supply of ideas on whatever I’m researching.  When I start something new, I just want someone to lay it all out for me. I don’t want to spend hours on Pinterest that could be spent actually doing the thing I’m researching!

Is that you when it comes to planning your summer?  Do you feel like you need a degree in early childhood or elementary education to provide a meaningful summer for your kids?  Guess what? I have both of those, and I’m all yours!

We will have 5 days together in my upcoming challenge where you can ask me anything about creating the summer of your dreams to make the best memories possible for you and your kids to look back on.

Want to know exactly what we will cover?  I don’t blame you. Who has time for a bunch of inspirational quotes on Pinterest anyway?  Not me! This is a no fluff zone. I just tell it like it is and give you all my tips and tricks for creating a fabulous summer of peace and fun times!

[Day 1] Let’s bring the FUN back into summer!

  • Get excited about spending all day (and night) with your kids
  • How to avoid hearing “I’m bored, mom”
  • The best way to do this without just sticking the kids in front of a screen all day.


[Day 2] Create a stellar meal plan!

  • How to create a meal plan everyone will love
  • Stop staring at the fridge hoping a meal will magically appear
  • Let’s get those kids in the kitchen with you


[Day 3] Run your household in your sleep! (almost)

  • How to eliminate making decisions all day long
  • Systems you need to have in place BEFORE they ask you a bazzillion questions
  • The 1 factor that could be holding you back


[Day 4] Bring on the chores!

  • My favorite way to avoid nagging about chores all day and night
  • How you can get your house clean every day (again without nagging!)
  • You can show your kids how to ENJOY doing chores


[Day 5] Your best summer ever is right around the corner!

  • How to find the “real deal” in self-care
  • My process for determining which self-care practice is right for you
  • The best way to do this without feeling selfish


Sounds pretty amazing, huh?  We’re also going to gather in a private Facebook group where I will pop in and teach on each point as well as provide a workbook for you.  

All you need to do is click on the button below to register for the challenge.

I can’t wait to see you there!