Here's just a sampling of the stories women are writing as they find clarity, nurture themselves, and develop deeper connections.


katherine, life coach

I was struggling with being a mother when I began my coaching series with Amber.  My inner critic got the best of me in a lot of different situations.  I wasn’t taking the best care of myself on a daily basis either. 

I was a little nervous going into our first session because I had never worked with a coach before, but I also felt at ease to speak about what was going on in my life.  By the end of the session, I felt supported and hopeful! I felt like I could see a light at the end of a tunnel, where before I didn’t even know the light existed!

My loved ones have noticed I am more confident in my parenting and less caught up in what other people think of me.

My relationship with my twin boys has become so much richer.  Our relationship was lovely before, but now I feel like I am connected with them on a deeper level.  I also feel like I am more grounded, and I have a better focus on daily self-care.

There wasn’t anything I wished we had spent more time on or anything that could have improved my coaching experience.  We covered what I needed covered.  It was a fabulous coaching experience.  I felt supported, inspired, and encouraged.

Amber helped me connect with myself in a way I didn’t realize was possible.  I appreciate my inner mother so much more than I did before our series.  Without her unconditional support, feedback, and encouragement, I don’t think that I would have been able to fully grow.  My inner critic is quieter, and I make taking care of myself a priority. 

Amber guided and helped me grow in such an amazing way!


melissa, hair stylist

When we started our coaching series, I was feeling scared about finances and a lot of turmoil about work and future decisions that needed to be made.  I was looking for answers and stability.  I said, "YES!" to coaching because I knew I needed input and clarity.

I had never worked with a coach before.  I came into the situation with hope and honesty.  I felt nervous but excited.  By the end of the first session, we uncovered the root of my anxiety and my need to move forward.

My friends can tell that I'm now more secure when I talk about work and finances.  I am much more confident that things will work out, and the language I use is positive and encouraging.

The biggest changes I've witnessed in myself are feeling like I'm making better choices with my money by learning to say yes and no to the right things, acknowledging that I have the power to turn the tide of my finances and continuing to look forward and not backwards.  I've admitted I may not want what others want, which is huge.

Our time together was always productive and results driven, so I never felt like anything was left undone or not addressed.  I can't think of anything that could have improved my coaching experience.  Being coached by Amber was encouraging, enlightening, and relieving.

I truly appreciate Amber's honesty and candor with me!  It put me at ease right away. She has so many gifts that she brings to this service.  Amber is an intuitive listener, kind in her feedback but bold, and gentle in the way she extracts information from her clients.  She's patient and steadfast.  I think all her years of schooling and teaching have culminated here to make this a service in which she shines.


Nanette, teacher

When I first connected with Amber, I had lost focus and was just treading water.  Although I knew I wanted more, I wasn’t moving forward.  I had too many areas that needed my attention, and the idea of success was fading to mediocracy.  

I had worked with a coach once before, and I knew how powerful the guidance could be.  I felt encouraged by Amber’s interest and flexibility and inspired by her creativity before we even had our first session.  After our first session I regained focus on my goals and started to define them.

People are finding me more engaged, less distracted, since I started being coached by Amber.  The biggest change I’ve made is taking time for myself in a healthy way.  I am also stepping out more, taking good risks.  I would describe my coaching experience with Amber as encouraging, insightful, and inspiring.


Sandra, playwright

I was in a strange place when I reached out to Amber for coaching.  My mother was very sick, and I felt like I was in limbo.  For a long time I had no time to think about anything except taking care of her and getting through the day.  Then as she started to get a little better, I had some time on my hands, and I wanted to put it to good use.  During her illness, I had put a creative project on the back burner, but I really wanted to finish it.  Being more mindful and practicing self-care were two priorities as well.

I had never before been coached by someone who was also a Christian, so I was delighted to work with her because she would understand my faith.  I love that she is a planner and a bullet-journaler.  I felt like she understood me even before our first session.  I believe coaching can be very powerful in giving a person a leg-up in achieving their goals.  I was super-excited to get started! After completing the questionnaire, I was even more pleased because I knew I had someone who was on my side and that we were going to put together a solid plan of action to achieve my goal.  By the end of the first session I felt encouraged, more confident, and had an a-ha! moment of revelation.  My mindset, of viewing the work I had to do, shifted from tedious to fun!

My friends were impressed that I finished my book and are looking forward to what I will do next.  The biggest change I’ve witnessed in myself is a new willingness to take risks.  I no longer hide my work or wait until I think it is perfect before sharing it with people.  I’m also careful about keeping my creative projects organized, tracking my ideas, and being intentional with my creativity.  I feel like we worked really well together and could have just gone on conquering various goals!  The whole experience was inspiring, encouraging, and challenging.