Create clarity, nurture self-care, and develop connection.

Eliminate distraction, overwhelm, and loneliness.

Amber helped me connect with myself in a way I didn’t realize was possible. Without her unconditional support, feedback, and encouragement, I don’t think that I would have grown in such an amazing way.
— Katherine, Life Coach

My clients' AchievEments

  • Inner critic hushed

  • Regained focus

  • Defined goals

  • Moving forward

  • Willing to take risks

  • Made self-care a priority

  • Deeper connection

  • Making better financial decisions

  • Drawing healthy boundaries

  • Intentionally creative

Now that you know what I do and the results my clients have achieved while working with me, how about I tell you a little bit about me?

I'm from a small town in east Texas and married to a man who loves exploring nature as much as I do.  He brings along a camera, while I bring my journal.  Thanks to that pesky recession back in 2008, the year we got married, we have lived in three different states while raising three great kids, two of which are now adults. 

Writing in a journal is soothing to my soul…and it’s needed a lot of soothing after restarting our lives so many times.  I found Bullet Journaling a few years ago and just knew it was the planning method for me!  Then I discovered creative journaling, which always lights me up and brings me joy!  Lastly,  the Planner Perfect Method (for me) is a blend of bullet journaling, creative journaling, brainstorming, goal setting, dreaming and just plain journaling, so now I have everything I need in a notebook.  And, let's be honest, I have TONS of notebooks. 

Oh, there's also Bible journaling.  I just used an old Bible to write in with all different colored pens until I got a journaling Bible for Mother's Day.  It's loads of fun while I learn and grow through reading the Word. 

Have you caught on to the theme of journaling yet? LOL! It's my passion.  It enhances every aspect of my life.  Journaling is also a key aspect of my coaching practice.

Oh!  I almost forgot...I have a bachelors degree in teaching, a masters in counseling, and am a certified life coach.