Seasonal Group Coaching Packages



My Goal is to make your life feel amazing!

My program helps you journal your way towards a life you love!

Move from choas to clarity.  Stop the scroll.  Unplug and pick up a pen and notebook to write your life story.  Take better care of yourself by doing more than just painting your nails.  YOU are worth time, energy, and money spent on your dreams. 

More family time beyond meals at holidays? More fun with friends OFF of social media? More time with God outside of church? Are these your priorities, but you just can't seem to make them a reality? 

Take unfinished projects, script a goal, create an action plan, and follow each little step with me cheering you on, and you will see your dream come true.

Do you want to feel awesome in the midst of trials?  That is exactly what journaling can do for you.  My clients have experienced exactly that while going through life's hardest moments.  Don't wait for life to get easier before you follow your heart.  Start now.  I'm ready to guide you towards your transformation.



1. Define and create a plan to achieve your goals.

2. Write in your journal and work towards your goals.

3. Transformation!

My job is to guide, support, and encourage you along each step of the process.


  • 4 group coaching calls each month via zoom

  • 1 high quality customized journal

  • 1 packet of colorful pens

  • 1 roll of washitape

  • 3 sheets of exclusive stickers 


$100 per month for 3 months

Ready to experience clarity, live with purpose, and follow your dreams all with the help of heart-felt coaching and a journal?